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Drawing on its 80 years of experience in trading and producing various polyurethane products in IRAN, Nami Industrial Group, with support of its human resources, in 2015, under the name Rasam Polymer Nami Company, successfully obtained a knowledge-based license from the Presidential Vice President for Science and Technology. This company operates one of the most advanced house system production lines by utilizing global knowledge and technology. With this line, they produce and supply a variety of specialized polyurethane, polyesters, prepolymers, catalysts, and mixed polymers for various industries, including footwear, industrial insulation, automobile manufacturing, household appliances and sponges, glue and paint. That is why these products reach both domestic and foreign markets.

Performance Properties Tailored To Your Application

Production and supplier of all kinds of polyurethane products

Turn your products into a competitive advantage with Nami branded products.

Custom Formulations

We formulate the polyurethane to match your requirements.

محصول رسام پلیمرنامی

Specialized producer of all kinds of polyurethane

Shoe industry

Renowned shoe polyurethane systems are used in the production of direct injection shoes, shoe soles, safety shoes, sports shoes, sandals, hot and cold shoe soles, etc.

Polyurethane Flexible

The Flexible Nami polyurethane system is used in the production of flexible foams used in the automotive industry, furniture, office and industrial chairs, etc.

Polyurethane Rigid systems

The Nami Rigid Polyurethane system is used to create thermal insulation in the production of all kinds of sandwich panels, domestic and industrial refrigerators and freezers, wood design, spray insulation, etc.

After sales service

Tailor-made solutions with 24/7 support, from needs assessment to material sourcing, production control, and product standardization.

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Projects based on principles:

superior service, better quality, innovation in production

Export to 19 countries of the world

Some of the countries to which exports have been made:

 Russia                       Türkiye

China                          Belarus

Turkmenistan           Uzbekistan 

Syria                       Afghanistan

Nigeria                              UAE

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80 years anniversary

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