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The RI system is a thermoplastic elastomer system that can be produced with a Pu injection molding machine using the RIM rapid reaction injection molding method. This series of materials is designed in such a way that it will reach the properties of TPU and has the ability to be filled in complex molds, and in its final product, specialized safety and work shoes, and the outer layer of double-density shoes and resistant boots, etc. They create features such as tensile strength, elongation at break point, high tread, flexibility, wear resistance and non-slipping. These materials are designed in such a way that complete compression occurs during molding and a bubble in The template will not be seen.

Advantages of polyurethane

This product, with features such as being waterproof, resistant to tearing and abrasion, acid and all kinds of oils and no heat transfer, slip resistance and texture layers to prevent foot fatigue, is suitable for the production of this series of work and safety shoes. 

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