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Nano Bio based polyurethane is a highly advanced material that has revolutionized the way we think about products and materials. This polymeric material, created through nanotechnology, contains polymers with extremely small particles that are typically measured in nanometers. Nano polyurethane can be used to create anything from medical devices to protective coatings for electronics and even clothing. It is an incredibly versatile material with multiple uses across many industries. Nano polyurethane offers several advantages over traditional polymers such as increased strength and durability, improved flexibility, reduced weight, and greater resistance to wear-and-tear damage. Additionally, nano polyurethane can be designed to provide specific properties depending on the application it’s intended for; for example, it can be formulated for UV protection or flame retardancy when used in certain applications. As well as this versatility of use cases, nano polyurethane also provides superior environmental benefits due its low toxicity since no solvents or other chemicals are needed during production processes which makes them better suited for sustainable practices than traditional polymeric materials.

bio based polyurethane
bio based polyurethane
bio based polyurethane

advantages of polyurethane

The new generation of multifunctional nano-polymer materials in which hydrophobic interactions are common, and due to their chemical structure and complete interaction with biological materials, creates materials with unique properties including special thermodynamic controls, hydrophobic interactions and binding stable molecular and… which gives specialized producers the ability to make products such as anti-corona filters, wound dressings, antibacterial bios, nano fibers and antimicrobial filters, anti-microorganism biosyntheses, etc. 

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