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Vision and missions

Polyurethane is our favorite material

We are an 80-year-old company with a proud past that looks forward to the sustainable growth of the industry along with the preservation of biological resources. As a leading group, we want to be the most attractive partner for industrial challenges that can be solved. Be with the knowledge of experts.

Therefore, our mission is to create sustainable, innovative and entrepreneurial values, and we try to move with strength in the direction of accelerating the wheels of the polyurethane industry.

Polyurethane is our favorite material, which we always try to help solve the challenges of human life by developing products based on it, considering the limited environmental resources.

For this reason, we have always been and will be developing the technology of polymer products, and by gathering elite Iranian experts, we strengthen the value chain for the development of this industry day by day.

Our values ​​and beliefs

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