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Refrigeration systems

Rigid polyurethane insulating foam is a versatile material used in refrigerators and freezers. It is composed of polyol, polymeric polyols, and a variety of other ingredients that give it excellent thermal properties. This makes it an ideal choice for insulation in both residential and commercial applications. Rigid polyurethane foam has many advantages over traditional types of insulation such as fiberglass or mineral wool including superior R-value, fire resistance, low weight, ease of installation, and more efficient energy use. Rigid polyurethane insulating foam can be used to create airtight seals around doors and windows on refrigerators or freezers which helps reduce the amount of cold air escaping from the appliance. Additionally, this type of foam has excellent moisture resistance which prevents condensation from forming inside the appliance as well as mold growth due to dampness within the unit's walls. Finally, rigid polyurethane foam provides superior soundproofing compared to other materials which can help keep noise levels down so that your refrigerator or freezer operates quietly without disturbing anyone nearby.

Advantages of polyurethane

A light, beautiful, resistant final product with an odorless environment due to light weight and convenient molding, high flexibility and resistance to impact, wear and cracking, resistance to acid and oil, and anti-fungal and anti-bacterial properties of this type of it has made polyurethanes suitable for making refrigeration systems. 

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