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Continuous & Discontinuous system

s.Polyurethane sandwich panels are a continuous & discontinuous system made of polyurethane that provides excellent thermal and acoustic insulation for buildings. They consist of two polyurethane layers, one on the outside and one on the inside, with a structural core in between them. The polyurethane layers provide superior protection against heat loss while also providing soundproofing benefits. Sandwich panels offer several advantages over traditional methods such as improved energy efficiency, greater strength and durability, as well as easier installation.

The polyurethane used to make sandwich panels is highly durable and has been tested to withstand extreme weather conditions including high temperatures, strong winds, heavy rain or snowfall without any damage or degradation of performance. Furthermore, it is resistant to chemicals like oils and grease which makes it ideal for use in industrial applications where there could be chemical spills from time to time. Additionally, polyurethane sandwich panels can be designed according to specific requirements such as size and shape making them suitable for custom projects that require precise measurements. Moreover, they are available in different colors which allows you to match your building’s exterior design easily. Finally, these materials have low environmental impact since their production does not involve.

Advantages of polyurethane

Variation in colorability, ease of installation, easy cutting, low weight, resistance to wind and earthquake, anti-rust, insulation in heat, cold, moisture and sound, antibacterial properties and non-growth of plants and fungi, impermeability against insects and washing ability is one of the properties of this type of material to produce all kinds of sandwich panels. 

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