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Polyurethane foam, commonly known as poly foam or slab stock foam, is a versatile material used in furniture and cushioning applications. It’s made from polyurethane resin that is combined with other materials like polyols and catalysts to form a soft, flexible material. The resulting polyurethane foam can be cut into any shape needed for furniture production or upholstering.

Polyurethane foam has many advantages over traditional foams such as polyethylene or polystyrene. It offers superior comfort, durability, breathability and support compared to these other types of foams. Additionally, it’s much more resistant to heat than other types of foam which makes it ideal for use in hot climates or environments where there are high levels of humidity. Polyurethane also resists mildew and mold better than most other types of foam due to its closed cell structure which prevents moisture from penetrating the surface layer.

Polyurethane foam comes in different densities depending on the application it’s intended for; higher density foams are typically used in furniture while lower density foams are often used as cushioning or padding materials. 

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Advantages of polyurethane

Non-powdering, sponginess, easy cutting, resistance to abrasion, non-absorption of water and oil, anti-bacterial and microbial and long life, preventing sweating are the advantages of this polyurethane product.

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