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After-sales services of Rasam Polymer Nami:

The distinction of  nami brand in polymer companies, especially the producers and sellers of polyurethane in the country, is the use of experience and interaction with customers and the cooperation with specialists in after-sales services. For this reason, communication with active customers will be maintained free of charge from the stage of order registration to after the production of the final product in order to bring a good and satisfactory shopping experience, support and solving problems.

The importance of nominal after-sales service:

Providing good after-sales service to customers will be one of the most important ways to increase trust and confidence between customers and manufacturers. Therefore, Rasam Polymer Nami relies on the quality of products and the expertise of the forces and the 80-year experience of Nami Industrial Group in the direction of improving the marketing and sales processes of products will perform these services efficiently.

Types of after-sales services of Nami Industrial Group:

Training: how to use the product correctly on the production line or explaining how to use the production line devices to increase productivity.

Technical support: help in the correct use of equipment and materials for the correct use of production technology.

Technical services: explaining the need and how to service, repair, replace or maintain production line devices to customers.

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