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Polyester polyol

Polyester polyols are one of the most widely used polyols required in the polyurethane industry, which are used both for the production of polyurethane foams and for special applications of polyurethane. Relying on the world’s latest technology, Rasam Polymer Company is able to design and produce all kinds of polyester polyols with different chemical structures as well as molecular weights, functionality, and different physical properties according to customer needs. Polyester polyols produced by Rasam Polymer Company can be used in the production of various types of polyurethane foams (shoe soles, flexible, rigid and semi-rigid foams), adhesives, coatings, paints, elastomers, TPU thermoplastics, etc. take

polyester polyol
پلی ال نامی
پلی استر پلی ال
Polyester Polyol

Advantages of Nami's polyester polyol

  • Design and production according to the requirements and requested features
    Completely uniform production
    Narrow molecular weight distribution
    Completely transparent and colorless
    Very low humidity
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