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The 32nd International Exhibition of Furniture Industry was held from 14th to 17th July 2023 at Tehran International Exhibition Center with the aim of displaying new achievements, products and services in the field of the furniture industry. This exhibition is an opportunity for manufacturers, exporters and importers of the furniture industry from all over the world to interact and communicate with each other.

Due to the importance of this exhibition, many participants will be present. In this exhibition, many domestic and foreign furniture products will be displayed in different groups, including office furniture, home furniture, restaurant and coffee shop furniture, garden furniture, etc.

Also, in this exhibition, new and innovative products in the field of furniture industry, equipment and devices needed to produce furniture, raw materials and new technologies used in the furniture industry.

This exhibition is an opportunity to interact and communicate with business representatives and furniture exporting companies on a global level. This opportunity enables furniture manufacturers and exporters to update their products by getting information about market needs and demand and ensuring their development and growth as the furniture industry progresses globally. Rasam Polymer Nami participated in this exhibition as a supplier of raw materials for various polyurethane foams.

In general, the 32nd international specialized export exhibition of the furniture industry is an opportunity to promote the furniture industry at the global level and can be recognized as one of the most important events of the furniture industry in Iran.

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