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In this meeting, Dr. Aminzadeh first pointed to the innovation that has occurred in the field of antimicrobial polyurethane nanocomposite with the efforts of the employees of this complex and stated that this event can be a good prospect for the province, also he is one of the goals The Samat organization was considered to complete the value chain and the supply chain of items in the province in the field of household appliances, bags and shoes, which we are one of the global brands, and referring to the orders of the Supreme Leader to prevent the sale of raw materials and supply the raw materials needed by the country inside. , they expressed their satisfaction that Rasam Polymer Nami Company is active in supplying raw materials, and lastly, Rasam Polymer Nami Group has been able to be one of the knowledge-based companies that integrates industry and university and has a research and development unit that is sustainable Technology helps.