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Polyurethane application in home interior design

Polyurethane is a light and resistant type of polymer that is used for interior design. This material is highly regarded for its features such as low weight, impact resistance, the ability to produce in various forms, and moisture resistance.

One of the main uses of polyurethane in the interior design of the house is to make mesh and voluminous designs. By using polyurethane as a substitute for wood, it is possible to produce sculptural designs with high detail and more lightness easily. Polyurethane can also be used for interior walls. This material can be used as wall covering, decorative bases and even internal cabinets.

In the interior design of the house, polyurethane is also used as a substitute for wooden flooring or wall coverings. Polyurethane wall coverings are light, resistant and washable, and due to their low weight, adjustable diameter and ease of cutting, they can be produced in different surface designs.

In addition, polyurethane can be used as an alternative to wooden columns in the interior design of the house. Polyurethane columns are light and durable and are easy to transport and install. Also, this material can be used as a replacement for door and window bases.

Due to the properties of polyurethane, the use of this material in the interior design of the house can be used as a light, resistant and beautiful solution to decorate the interior of the house.

In addition to the things mentioned above, polyurethane has other advantages, which we briefly mention:

1- Heat resistance: Polyurethane is resistant to incoming and outgoing heat and breaks significantly less than other materials such as ceramics and glass.

2- Resistance to chemical factors: Polyurethane is resistant to most chemicals that are usually present in industrial and commercial environments.

3- Long life: Polyurethane has a long life and has a high resistance to corrosion and wear, which makes it a suitable choice for industrial and commercial uses.

4- Ability to produce in different shapes: Polyurethane can be produced in different shapes and sizes and it can be easily produced in different ways. This feature makes polyurethane a suitable solution for various uses such as interior decoration, production of industrial parts, construction tools, etc.

5- Recyclability: Polyurethane is recyclable and can be used again. This feature makes it an environmentally friendly material.

Due to these advantages, polyurethane is used in many industries such as automobile manufacturing, electronic industries, furniture making, construction tools production, etc.

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