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The presence of  Rasam Polymer Nami in the ninth international exhibition of leather, bags, shoes and related industries in Tehran 2023

Products such as bags, shoes, soles, heels, leather, artificial leather, leather products, adhesives, foam, chemicals and related machinery will be exhibited in the international exhibition of bags, shoes, leather and related industries in Tehran.

International exhibition of bags, shoes, leather and related industries in Tehran is considered a good opportunity to introduce the achievements, capacities and capabilities of Iranian and foreign factories, companies and workshops. Finding new markets, presenting the potentials and capabilities of the leather industry, showing the latest developments and scientific, technical and industrial achievements domestically and abroad in this area, providing a suitable platform for transferring more modern technologies, creating new business relationships and strengthening previous relationships, Transferring knowledge, technology and experiences, familiarizing with successful global models in the field of leather industry, providing the necessary grounds for investment by domestic and foreign companies and entrepreneurship and sustainable employment are the most important goals of holding this exhibition.

The reasons for the importance of Tehran leather industry exhibition
In the past, leather was considered one of the luxury goods in the world, and big brands and names still use leather for their products. Today, Iran is one of the 3 main countries in the production of leather and exporter of semi-finished products, and it is considered one of the largest suppliers of the tanning industry in the world in terms of light leather.

Products offered at the exhibition of bags, shoes and leather Empex Tehran:
– Bag
– Shoes and related industries, all kinds of leather products and products, including various office bags,for women and men.
– All kinds of leather shoes for men and women
– All kinds of machines for the production of leather industry products
– Leather layer products
– All kinds of leather clothes
– Types of cow leather
Ashbalt leather
– You will become leather
– Sheep leather
– Goat leather
– Artificial leather
– Types of laser devices
– Press
– Women’s jeans machines
– Types of sewing machines
– and other industries

nami company exhibition in tehran 2023
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shadi hemati in tehran exhibition 2023
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